Cyber Security Protection – Who needs it?

Everybody always asks the question, “Why would hackers want my accounts?” The truth is, they DO NOT care who they get. Small companies, large companies, your older neighbors who have one computer, EVERYONE is a target. It doesn’t matter if you operate a multi-million-dollar organization, or a mom-and-pop shop, you are all one in the same to the hacker population.

“But Cyber Security is too expensive………….. my business cannot afford that recurring expense……….”

Ask yourself this question, why do I have car insurance? Well, you kind of have to but you also pay all that money each month just in case something were to happen. Cyber Security protection isn’t any different. Imagine running your business, your lifeline, with all that information and intellectual property you have worked so hard to build, going into the office one day and all your files are locked behind a massive paywall requiring you to pay $80000 to get your files back, with no guarantee they will be unlocked when you pay. You do not have any backups to restore from, you have no one to turn to for help. This is a scenario you are likely to run into without having any Cyber Security protection.

Is it better to be proactive, pay for “insurance” for your company data and ensure you are doing everything right according to your trusted IT provider’s best security practices? I can guarantee you any amount you are paying per month for Cyber Security Protection will be much lower than the impact your business would have in the event of a Cyber Security attack.

We do not mean to scare you, but our job is to make you realize what is out there and help to protect and mitigate the risk to your business if something were to happen. There is ZERO guarantee that you won’t be compromised with a Cyber Security Protection plan in place, but with a team by your side we can certainly limit the chances and step in if something does happen. But I can GUARANTEE your business will be able to recover much faster and without paying the ransom fees to the bad guys.

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