24/7 Monitoring with Monthly Reporting

In order to keep your data safe and ensure the best possible amount of uptime for your network, it is important to keep an eye on things. Many issues can be fixed by your provider before they even became a burden to your business and your employees.

Easy to Use Help Desk

You should always know how to contact your IT provider in your time of need. One point of contact that is best for you AND your provider because this guarantees the best level of support.

Remote Support

Many issues can be resolved with remote access given to your provider. NEVER give remote access to someone who you are not 100% sure who they are, regardless if they say they are from a reputable company.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Are you prepared in the event of a natural disaster? If an employee clicks on a rogue email and all your data is locked inside your network, how fast could you be up and running without potentially paying thousands of dollars to ‘unlock’ your data? 260 IT can help implement a disaster recovery plan that will help you to minimize downtime and get you up and running as soon as possible.


Predictable Spending

By paying the same per month for support and monitoring, this allows you to easily budget for IT without forking out a ton of money at once when a fire happens. Support and Monitoring monthly allows you to be proactive rather than reactive and put out fires BEFORE they become an issue.

Faster Response Time

With our monitoring, we are alerted immediately of anything going on in your network before you even realize something happened. With our reporting tools, you will know exactly what was fixed and when so there are no surprises.

Qualified Technicians

Our background working with professional organizations for 10 years has allowed us to gain the experience and seeing so many issues and solving these problems in a fast-paced environment. Being qualified means you are capable, but without being experienced, you cannot solve issues nearly as efficient as someone who has done it in real time.

Peace of mind

Knowing your IT is handled by the professionals 24/7 allows you to concentrate on your passion, growing your business.