No Contract
$125 per hour
  • Remote Support
  • Response Time – 24 hours
  • Half hour Minimum
Enterprise Plan
  • Popular with business > 10 devices
  • Includes everything in the Alert Plan
  • Desktop Support
  • Firewall and Server Support
  • Response Time – 1 Hour
  • Unlimited remote support hours
  • Enhanced Email Security
  • Managed Cloud Backup
  • Emergency After Hours $125

All contract plans will require onboarding + 1st month of service. Onboarding is a flat fee ranging from $500-$1000 depending on the size of the business and how many devices are on the network. Onboarding allows us to get to know you, your network, and document our findings into our system.

The fine print that no one reads:

  • High Quality antivirus software which notifies Bales Technology/260 IT of any infections found.  Please note that this is not a guarantee that you will not get viruses or malware.
  • Additional hardware, software, or parts needed to complete a job will be billed accordingly and not covered under any Pricing plan.
  • Additional projects will not be covered underneath any plan.  Projects or enhancements requested will  be billed on an hourly basis
    • The Alert Plan is structured to protect and monitor your network and devices proactively, with any additional remediation billed per hour.The Resolve Plan is structured to not only protect and monitor your network, but also gives you support on the existing devices that are being monitored. 
  • Payment Terms will always be NET 15.  We can accept ACH, Check, or Credit Card through our invoicing system.   We have a 5 day grace period on all invoices. Invoices  unpaid after 20 days of receipt will be subject to a 5% late fee.