Things to check before calling your I.T. guy

  • Can you recreate the problem?  Sometimes, glitches can occur and if you run the task a second time, it may work.  You don’t want to be annoyed when you call the IT guy over and there isn’t an issue.
  • Have you tried rebooting your PC?  Sometimes your PC needs a break too.  This may clear up a lot of your issues if you have time to stop for a few minutes.
  •  Does the problem only affect you?  Check with your co-workers to see if maybe they are having the same issue.  If the problem is for everyone, then this will save you from closing all your applications for no reason.
  • Have fresh coffee and chocolates ready for the IT guy when he arrives to check out the problem.

You can always submit a help ticket at anytime and a technician will be in touch.  Simply click this link, send an email describing your issue, and a ticket will be created for you automatically.