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  • Cyber Security Protection – Who needs it?

    Cyber Security Protection – Who needs it?

    Everybody always asks the question, “Why would hackers want my accounts?” The truth is, they DO NOT care who they get. Small companies, large companies, your older neighbors who have one computer, EVERYONE is a target. It doesn’t matter if you operate a multi-million-dollar organization, or a mom-and-pop shop, you are all one in the…

  • Cybersecurity & The Human Element

    Cybersecurity & The Human Element

    Cybersecurity is a broad topic with plenty of unique elements to discuss. When we consider how people contribute to the overall narrative associated with Cyberecurity today – it is helpful to start by classifying humans into two categories. The first group of people we can call “Bad Actors”. These are the cybercriminals and hackers that…

  • Yamaha Directv Remote Program

    Yamaha Directv Remote Program

    This may be a little off topic from the computer world, but there might be someone out there trying to program there DirecTV remote control to work with their Yamaha Receiver.

  • Hackers Love Procrastination

    Hackers Love Procrastination

    The industry reports and associated statistics are all providing the same fundamental insight about the state of cybercrime

  • How to protect yourself from ransomware

    How to protect yourself from ransomware

    You may or may not have heard of the latest attack that is happening on small to medium businesses, which is encrypting all of a user’s files on their PC until they pay a certain ransom.

  • Fake Tech Support Scams

    Fake Tech Support Scams

    We have seen a number of desktops and laptops from customers with a virus that tries to trick them into calling a phone number for help.